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Arya Samaj Temple is a sacred hermitage where simple and legally binding marriages are held. Besides, the Marriage ceremony is completely held according to the AUM tradition. This is the direct incorporation of Sanatan Dharm that sees no caste based discrimination. The Arya Samaj Marriage in Delhi includes those who follow Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism as the main stream. People from other streams of faith and religion will have to voluntarily and primarily convert into Sanatan Dharm (Legally called as Hinduism) in order to get the benefits of the organization’s marriage service.

Arya Samaj Mandir in Delhi has been striving to walk on the footsteps shown by the Stalwart Dayanandji who happens to be the Manasaputra of the Goddess of knowledge who blesses everyone equally. The Vedic rituals and the Mantras narrated in Hindi and other understandable languages are purified and witnessed by Agni, the ultimate Hotri (Conductor) of the most sacred ceremony. Of course, the Legal formalities are also complete and relevant papers are processed and handed over to the couple within hours of the marriage. We at Arya Samaj provide the complete range of marriage related ceremonial and legal services under a single roof. We ensure that both parties from the groom and bride sides, regardless of their personal faith and class are spiritually, emotionally and economically benefited to their full satisfaction.

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